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New Zealand map location

North East of Australia

South East of Australia

New Zealand moved with no-one noticing?

As far-fetched as it sounds, some experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect claim New Zealand has moved.

These people remember it being North East of Australia, whereas maps today show it as South East. A few references exist to it being in the "old" location, including the usual authoritative ones such as The Simpsons, yet most show it South East.

People are also saying they remember Australia being much further South - away from Indonesia - than it appears today. Were all the old maps just wrong?

Bad geography

Some Mandela Effects can easily be dismissed as just poor education. Even geography - ask someone to draw on a blank piece of paper where on the planet Lebanon is, for example, and if they are miles out it's down to forgetting from their schooldays, if they were ever shown in the first place. No-one immediately (outside Reddit!) starts saying it's a new Mandela Effect. So why, specifically, are they doing exactly this with the New Zealand one?

Those experiencing this one often remember seeing it on a globe when they were younger. Could there have been some distortions in effect which were repeated across different models?

Continents don't drify that quickly

New Zealand probably has moved - but it took millions of years to do so, and that was back in the Pangea days.