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It bounced and didn't break, which meant bad luck

There was no champagne bottle

Did it break during the launch ceremony or stay intact?

There's a mystery around the Christening of the Titanic. Many people remember the story of how the champagne bottle didn't break during the launch ceremony. This was significant because traditionally, it meant bad luck, which considering what happened to the Titanic is putting it mildly.

The problem is the story cannot be true because the White Star line, the owners of the ship, did not use champage bottles during the launch ceremony, and in fact the Titanic was never christened at all.

Those who remember the champagne bottle story may be experiencing a Mandela Effect.

15 Apr 1912

There are some remarkable facts surrounding the sinking of the Titanic. For example, the iceberg that sank it broke off from it's main ice sheet 100,000 years ago. Also, although there wasn't a champagne bottle to break, there were wooden supports which had to be knocked out at the Titanic's launch, and a Harland & Wolff worker was severely injured during this procedure to the extent he later died in hospital.