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Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty is on Ellis Island

Statue of Liberty is on Liberty Island

On which island?

Even the official, current references to this one are causing confusion.

There are two national monuments right next to each other - one is the Statue of Liberty, the other is Ellis Island. Ellis Island forms part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

There is another island next to Ellis Island called Liberty island.

OK so far? The problem is, many swear The Statue of Liberty was on Ellis Island. Some also swear it is in New Jersey - which it is, because the state line runs through the center of New York harbor and Liberty Island just falls on the New Jersey side of it. Clear?


Everyone who lives near the Statue of Liberty always gets the island right. That's not a "doh!" statement, because if it had moved due to the Mandela Effect, it would for them too. So basically it's only people that visit occasionally or who have only been there in the distant past who get the islands wrong. Most people who've never been don't even know there are two islands, let alone the names of either.

In fact the vast majority of people only know the Statue of liberty from movies and TV, and those are grossly misleading. For example, many show you can just walk up to the top, whereas it's been closed to the public for decades now.

Technically, the statue wasn't placed on Liberty Island t first because it wasn't called that then, it was in fact called Bedloe's island and only changed it's name 50 years later.

Ellis Island is the first thing immigrants coming in by sea would see, then immediately the statue itself, so perhaps the two were further confabulated by this.