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September 22/23

On September 22, 2011 there was a strange announcement from CERN - an experiment had apparently violated Einsteins theory of relativity. It was later stated that equipment failure produced these results, but that hasn't made those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect stop thinking all is normal.

There are reports that events on these two dates "smear" or "swap" between them, so things which were remembered to have happened on one are recorded as happening on the other, and vice versa.

Is there something odd with September 22/23?

These reports don't apply to just one year, but every year on these dates since the CERN experiment.

In itself there appears to be nothing special regarding September 22/23 - it's only the number of date-shifted reports by just one day which jump out as being unusual. Is it the day some mysterious reality-manipulation change is triggered?

Uneasy feeling

This isn't a regular Mandela Effect because there's no single event a group of people remember but now can find no reference to, rather it's a group of people remembering lots of individual personal Mandela Effects across these two dates, which seem to all spike just over that period. Many are also reporting a vague but noticeable "uneasy feeling" that something isn't right, and it happens right on cue at the same time every year.

There have been some noticeable events on this date in the past, but really nothing you'd not expect to find on any random date. It's the autumnal equinox, so a kind of midway point, or crossing if that's relevant. There are also reports of odd co-incidences happening on various other dates, with no pattern other than the random chance expected of such events.

The event which have people worked up the most are the CERN announcement, since CERN and the Mandela Effect are longtime buddies.