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Nokia is Japanese

Nokia is Finnish

Diddle eee-dee diddle eee-dee diddle eee-dee doooo

Welcome to the Mandela Effect, where the same one can sound completely ridiculous to some people, yet plausible to others. Take this one for instance, and compare how someone from Finland would regard it compared to someone from the US. The report is that many people are saying they remember Nokia being originally Japanese and not Finnish, as seen today.

The name does sound like it could be from the Far East to Western ears, but those affected claim they already knew that today all references point to Finland, yet they remember a time when it was Japanese.

Nokia has had a roller coaster ride over the past couple of decades, where at one point it was the undisputed king of mobile phones. It somehow lost it's way when competitors launched smartphones, and even ended up being bought by Microsoft at one point. Today, it is seeing a resurgence with a new range of modern smartphone handsets, but at the moment it's just the name that's been licensed.

Nordic Japan

Ironically, as Nokia grew in the late 1970's,  Finland was being called "Nordic Japan" due to Nokia's expansion into TV's, computers and communications.