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Laughing Cow

Nose ring present

Nose ring missing

Nose ring missing

Do you remember the Laughing Cow having a ring through her nose? Many do, but apparently this is now a false memory because all references to her today show she doesn't.

The famous French soft cheese brand has been going since 1865 and is always a children's favourite snack. 

Those who remember the nose ring say it was golden. Others say it would be inconsistent since only male adult bulls have nose rings, although younger cow/bulls often wear them when weaning in order to discourage them from suckling.

Either way, this Mandela Effect seems to have amused someone at least!

Is it bull?

It's been pointed out that going right back to the earliest logo, the cow's left earring is coming from behind her nose, so those not looking closely enough might well mistake it for a nose ring. Others report remember her as mildly smiling, or just looking content, rather than the over-te-top laugh she's seen with now. There;s even a report of someone describing a dairy trip to a farm in Tennessee in the 1970's with their school, where one of the kids was caught swinging on the model of the laughing cow's nose ring.

The brand is French but sells all over the world, and is a favourite of children's lunchboxes.

Logo designers always strive for something unique and memorable, and a happy laughing cow is the obvious choice for the one for a brand with exactly that name. Most people wouldn't know only bulls have nose rings, and would associate a nose ring with either a cow or bull exactly the same. In other words, they'd see nothing odd with the one in the logo wearing one and probably expect her to anyway. That expectation is the key - when recalling the image, they mentally assemble the components required to complete the picture, and a nose ring would probably be one of those.