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MMDE: The Staples logo is all a regular font

Current: The Staples logo has a staple attached to its "L"

Has that staple always been right there in the logo?

Some people are saying the Staples logo has changed and are claiming this is a Mandela Effect. References today show a styled staple on the "L" in the middle of their name, which is appropriate for their brand, but this seems to jump out as new to others.

Businesses, especially nationwide ones, invest millions in their brand. Every detail is carefully designed to give an immediate impression to their current and potential customers. They are very unlikely to tinker with it needlessley without a very good reason.

Nevertheless, this is being seriously discussed and is of real concern to those who feel there is more to this than just a false memory.

A staple brand

The Staples logo has been through a rebranding, which does affect the "L" in question, but it's not the one under discussion here. For that one, they changed the "L" with the staple into a rotating collection of product symbols. It's described specifically as "replacing the 'L' from the logo, which is traditionally portrayed in the brand design as a bent staple". The slogan is also the change from "That was Easy" to "Make more happen". This rebranding exercise definitely did not add the staple to the "L" where it was missing before.

Those affected claim they know it never had the staple on the "L", yet accept that the images going back years, all showing it present, are genuine. It's as if they are experiencing a dual memory, like the one for Mandela himself whi clearly cannot have died in the 1980's since he went on to become the president of South Africa, yet there are many who swear they have memories of both timelines.