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Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble

Procter & Gamble

One of the worlds oldest brands!

More branding anomalies, and this time it's going right back to 1837 with one of the world's oldest - P&G.

Founded in Cincinnati, Ohio, the massive American consumer goods corporation is famous the world over having taken it's name from the two founders - but was it William Proctor and James Gamble or William Procter and James Gamble?

Businesses recognise the value of a brand, and will never do anything to cause confusion in their customers minds without a really good reason. P&G have a century and a half's worth of marketing knowledge, so know this more than most. The people who remember the old spelling either have a genuine false memory or are experiencing the Mandela Effect.

There's a wierd story about the P&G logo that predates the internet. It goes like this - the Phil Donahue show in the early 1980's had the head of P&G on and was asked why their logo was a satanic symbol. This rumour persisted tdown the years, and is apparently behind it's redesign in 2013.

Double brand flip-flop

This is another one which has been reported as a flip-flop. That is, people who become aware of it as a Mandela Effect, so believe they are one of the group that is aware it used to be spelt differently, then become aware of it flipping back to how it was again, leaving no trace it ever changed at all. However, there's a strong connection with the P&G one to another - the Febreeze/Febreze fabric freshener is made by P&G, and it's quite a well-known Mandela Effect in it's own right.

There are newspaper references to Proctor and Gamble, but that might just be down to the journalist at the time being unsure of the correct spelling and falling down on the wrong side.