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Oxy Clean

Oxy Clean

Oxi Clean

As clean as fresh air

They might be pronounced the same, but to Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect observers there's a whole world of difference between the old "Oxy Clean" and the current "Oxi Clean". That's because those who remember it the old way are having a hard time finding any evidence it ever was the way they say it used to be.

It's been around since 1999, and many people are familiar with either using it or seeing it in the stores as they walk by.

The explanation of a simple rebranding is always a problem with these kind of effects. For a start, no-one can remember an actual rebranding event, and probably more importantly the idea a nationwide, or global business would tinker with a brand name without good reason is a non-starter  - they invest millions in it, and are definitely there for the long-term.


It must be point out there is a brand of face pads called Oxy which people might be causing confabulation.

The cleaner is made from hydrogen perOXIde, which clues a big clue to the motivation for the name. Then again, if people think of Oxygen, then tend to think of it being clear and pure, so OXYgen would work just as well for marketing.

Even people making their own alternatives think it was spelled "Oxy". One comment was interesting - this one apparently never affects non-English speakers, so if there is some weird cultural substitution going on in peoples memories, that would be a good place to start looking.

This is also another Mandela Effect which flip-flops. That is, once people become aware that it is the subject of one, they pay particular attention to it only to find one day it's somehow reverted back to what they always thought it was in the first place.