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Oscar Mayer/Oscar Meyer

Oscar Meyer

Oscar Mayer

Nope, it's not Spelled "Oscar Meyer"

No-one argues its not pronounced MEYer, yet it's never been spelt that way.

Even their jingle where it's spelled out in the lyrics lends itself to the change.

The famous hot dog/weiner/bologna company has been going since 1883, yet those experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect swear it used to be spelt "Meyer".

This one could just be done to the pronunciation for people not particularly paying attention to the spelling, and this being copied by others in the same frame of mind but thinking it was correct when the saw if written down that way. 

Oskar Ferdinand Mayer

Founded by Oskar Ferdinand Mayer, the eagle eyed will have spotted there could have been another name related issue here - "Oskar" became "Oscar". 

The company has been owned by Kraft since 1989. Kraft also make Stove Top Stuffing - the subject of another well-known Mandela Effect.

Many references

The brand can be found mis-spelled many times on the internet today, and sometimes even both ways in the same image:

oscar meyer newspaper 300x300


You'd have thought there could not be any possible confusion after the famous jingle became so well known, because the word is actually spelled out in it!

My bologna has a first name it’s O S C A R. My bologna has a second name it’s M A Y E R.

-- Oscar Mayer Jingle