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Jif peanut butter

Jiffy peanut butter

Jif peanut butter

Was it ever called "Jiffy" peanut butter?

Many people swear the popular peanut butter brand we see today as "Jif" was once called "Jiffy". They appear to be experiencing the Mass Memory Discrepancy Effect.

It is also very famous as the top ingredient in what is widely known as a "Jiffy" burger sold today in many cafes and burger joints throughout the country.

Originally introduced by Procter & Gamble in 1955, the product even had a tagline which supports the original name: "Choosy Moms Choose Jif".

This is one where there could be a straightforward explanation. There is another well known peanut butter brand called "Skippy" peanut butter, so it's not too hard a stretch to see the two blurring into one in peoples memories of a generic peanut butter brand from the past.

Name change

This MMDE is unusual in that some have actually noticed it being different at some point in their past, mostly their childhood, but just assumed there was a branding change. That's different to the sudden jolt with some of them when they suddenly see things are different today.

jiffy 386x131Jiffy Pop popcorn was a brand in use at the same time, perhaps that contributed to the confusion too.