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Cow Tails

The Goetze candy is called Cow Tails

The Goetze candy is called Cow Tales

Goetze's famous American candy?

This one is mainly for those in the US/Canada, since the candy isn't generally available, and hence recognised, elsewhere. However, those who do recognise it probably know where from too - a gas station checkout.

We are of course talking about the yummy Cow Tails treat you just can't stop yourself from picking up as you pay for your gas. But wait a moment... it's not called that? It must be ... it's a cow, it's shaped like a cows tail, everyone calls it a cows tail, so what gives?

Turns out everyone's been calling it wrong all these years, and it's known as Cow Tales now.

Or is it a Mandela Effect?


Goetze began in 1895 making chewing gum, but moved to a soft caramel candy in 1917. This evolved over the years to what we see today as their various candy products, and in 1984 the caramel was adapted for the launch of the Cow Tales line. That same year, R. Melvin Goetze, was inducted into the Candy Hall of Fame, run by the National Confectionery Sales Association of America. 

Pull the udder one

Goetze also sell a "Bulls-Eyes" candy, so people are pointing to the name "Cow Tales" not fitting with this, since the theme is the parts of a cow/bull's body.

This Mandela effect is a classic "same pronunciation" one, like the famous Berenstain/Berenstein bears one, which seems to have been hijacked from the company deliberately mis-spelling the word on purpose. The public fought against it and it seems those who still don't pay attention to the wrapper are still believing the mistake. Except for those who say it looks like a cow's tail, so that must be what it's called...