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Vitruvian Man

6 arms and 6 legs

4 arms and 4 legs

Da Vinci's 1490 "Proportions of Man"

Do you remember 4 or 6 arms for the Vitruvian Man? This is similar to the Shiva's arms Mandela Effect where many people similarly remember 6 arms.

People who remember Da Vinci's Vitruvian man with 6 arms and legs describe each limb as being turned slightly from the ones before it, illustrating how the body would look from those angles, and each set being symmetrical, whereas the limbs today are not.

Da Vinci is no stranger to The Mandela Effect - he already has The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa to his name. There is also evidence of the Vitruvian Man flip-flopping between 4 and 6 limbs when some experiencing the effect check again after some time has passed. 


The Vitruvian man represents ideal body proportions. It's intended to be a technical illustration, with no other motive than to accurately render the relative limb sizes of the human male. The name comes from an architect of the day many regard as not being the model for the work, since Leonardo measured many individuals before coming up with a blended average.

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